Gas Appliance Repair

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Our technicians have gone through a successful professional training course for the repairs of gas appliances. Technicians are certified so they can safely repair propane and natural gas appliances.  This means that our team is qualified to identify and repair problems with different gas appliances. Each technician can explain the problem and repair is for you. We have ensured that our technicians are certified and can provide a safe gas appliance repair for our customers, no matter the household gas appliance. So if you have been experiencing any problems with your gas appliance you can rest easy knowing that we are experts at repairing gas appliances.

What should I do when I notice I am having trouble with a gas appliance?

The first thing that needs to be done when you notice that there might be a problem with any of your gas-related appliances. The first step would be to turn off the gas to your stove or oven or whichever appliance it is that has a problem. The next step would be to call us and have one of our trained professionals assist you with scheduling an appointment to have it assessed and repaired. Our technician will be over right as you are available and it fits into your schedule. It is important to understand your appliance so you are aware when you are experiencing problems with your gas appliance. Gas is one of the more energy and cost-efficient aspects but it is also one of the more dangerous aspects of your home.

Is it normal to smell gas with your gas stove?

The moment you light your stove, it is normal for you to smell a small amount of gas. This gas would have escaped and is unburned. The gasses used to gas your stove are natural and have a bit of a pungent odor of gas. In the event, you smell more gas than normal and there are no gas valves open, it is important to call for your professional repair services and probably best to get out of your home before a professional arrives. There are dangerous parts of having gas installed appliances and it is important to take caution and be aware of these things.

How to maintain a gas stove

It is always best to maintain your gas appliances in your home. This way you add to the lifespan of the appliance and you keep it in good condition. It is important to keep your gas stove clean all the time, clean it after each use instead of waiting for the grease to build up in the area. Wait till the area is cooled off before you clean this area. You can keep the equipment used to clean your stove in warm water but it is not best to clean it while your stove is warm. Keep your area clean and ensure that your gas stove is always turned off when you are done including your gas can.

Why does my gas stove click when It’s off, is it broken?

You just made yourself some warm water for a cup of tea before bed, you’re all comfortable in bed and all of a sudden you start to hear your gas stove clicking. Rushing to the stove and you realize that it is completely off, but it’s clicking. The most common reason for this happening is that the burner cap is out of alignment. It is good to have it aligned again if you are not able to do it, call us and one of our technicians will be right over to repair it. Don’t go to bed listening to the clicking of your gas stove, have it repaired.


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