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As technology is constantly changing, the appliances and their models are constantly changing as well. Every other month there is a new household appliance being released with newer features and latest gadgets. The thing is, that you cannot be stuck in an old technologic funk whereas technology is always changing and these appliances are being updated, made better and easier to use. While the technology is constantly changing we need to ensure that our repair services can repair all the appliance brands our customers own in their home. We have certified safe technicians on our team who are constantly educating themselves and being trained on latest technology and repair methods and techniques.

Some brands we repair

We repair all leading appliance brands available today. We know that all of our customers have different brands installed in their homes, we made sure that our technicians can repair each of those brands for you. Whether you have an LG or Bosch refrigerator to Frigidaire freezer, we can do it all. Kenmore and Electrolux are more commonly known to household appliances which could be found in every second home. We have the repair solution to repair your different appliance brands without any hassle. We promise our customers a competitive cost for our repair service while upholding a top-quality service that won’t leave them calling us back to repair the same appliance again.

Samsung household appliances

We do not discriminate against any appliances that you have installed in your home. It is our job to ensure that your appliances are maintained and repaired when they break down. We are constantly finding new solutions to repair our customers' appliance problems, as technology is constantly changing, so does the design of the appliance. So we ensure that our technicians are qualified for the job. Whether you have a Samsung fridge or washer and dryer, our technicians know just the technique to have it repaired and in great working condition. Our customer satisfactory rates don’t lie when they say that we leave each customer happy with our results.

Bosch appliance repair

We have years of experience in repairing Bosch products, as it is one of the longest household appliance brands in the market. The beauty of Bosch is that it’s not limited to the appliances they produce, which means that we cannot be limited to the services we offer. We guarantee that our technicians can repair and solve the problem with your Bosch household appliances. Whether it is a small household appliance to one of the bigger ones such as your refrigerator or stovetop, whatever the problem we can repair it for you at an unbeatable price that fits your budget.

Kenmore household appliances we repair

Kenmore offers a sleek elegant touch to their appliances, we love that about their designs, but over time these appliances could be costly to repair. With our competitive cost on our repairs, your Kenmore appliance lasts you double the time it would have. When investing in a quality appliance, the cost of repairs is at the end of the list of things to think about. Our repair specialists repair your appliances back to the original working condition. We cater to all our customers and the repairs of their household appliances, no matter the brand. We are known to be all household brand specialists and we can take on any challenge presented.


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