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We are a local appliance repair company in the Beaumont area. We have been repairing the appliances of the residents in our area. We have always been dedicated to getting our customers appliance repaired. Over the years we have been known for our consistent quality and punctuality. We have always given 100% when it comes to the services that we offer.

Our customers are what makes our jobs so amazing, by working with amazing people they just make our job easier. We promise the quality of our service to our customers and deliver each time. If you are looking for a reliable appliance repair service, look no further.

About Us

We are based in the Beaumont area, servicing this area for the past few years, helping the residents repair their appliances. We have made our service convenient and easy to use. By offering our customers a one-call service, we are able to offer them our appliance repair for the most affordable rate in the area. Our expertise and our service ensure the repair of the appliance that has been broken. We want to save our customers on time and on money, so we are driven to providing our convenient and affordable service to our customers in the Beaumont area.


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Our Services

We have been working on appliances for years. At Beaumont Appliance repair we have been repairing appliances of all brands for our customers. We repair appliances that you think may need to be replaced. Our quality of service is ensured by our professional repairman who provides excellent results with each repair done. Our team has years of experience who offers it to our customers one repair at a time. The quality of our work is both affordably priced and of high quality. Our services are widely stretched to provide our customers with appliance repairs that last them. Choose us today for your appliance repair services.

appliance technician repairing dishwasher
Dishwasher Repair

Lately, you have been putting in extra work by having to clean your dishes by hand even after it has been in the dishwasher. The whole point of having the dishwasher is to make things easier around the house and save you on time. When your dishwasher is broken it ends up taking more of your time and just bringing more stress into your life. Let us fix that for you and take the stress off your hands with our professional appliance repair services.

appliance technician repairing fridge
Refrigerator Repair

You almost slipped and fell and could have badly injured yourself, it seems the water is coming from the refrigerator. There is nothing worse than coming to the realization that there may be something wrong with one of the most valuable appliances in your home. Instead of covering it up by laying down some paper, call us, with our experienced repairman they know just what to do to dry that leak up and repair your refrigerator and get it working again.

appliance technician repairing stove
Stove/Oven Repair

You are in charge of this year’s Thanksgiving meal and all of a sudden two plates on your top stove aren’t working. What do you do in this case? You can think about which restaurant you could order in from and make it seem like you made the meal, or you can continue cooking your delicious meal without any stress. Give us a call at Beaumont Appliance repair. One of our highly skilled repairmen will be over to save the day and repair your stove in no time. Allowing you the chance to show off those new cooking skills you learned on the cooking channel.

appliance technician repairing washer dryer
Washer/Dryer Repair                                                                            

It seems that your washer isn’t as effective as it was before. Now you’re stuck wondering if it is time to get a new one or if it could be repaired. The best thing to do in this case is to call us. One of our customer service hosts will gladly assist you with a consultation and provide you with the best advice forward. One of our experienced repairmen will be over to repair your washer and restore it to the washer you once knew before it started lacking at its job.

appliance technician repairing gas appliance
Gas Appliance Repair

Not many places repair gas appliances. Gas appliances are one of the best investments one could make to your household. It is both cost-effective and better to use. There is nothing worse than trying to have your gas appliance repaired and nobody is willing to help you. Look no further, we are the people you are looking for. We have a specialized team that repairs gas appliances and their main focus is to provide excellent results in their repairs.

appliance technician repairing all brands
Appliance Brands

While there are many appliance brands out there, it could be hard to find a repairman that is able to repair that specific brand. At Beaumont Appliance repair, we fix all appliance brands; we have trained our repairman to work on all appliance brands to ensure that they are able to provide their excellent service to anyone with home appliances, no matter the brand. We have the expertise to work on all appliance brands ensuring the repair of your appliance today.

Contact Beaumont Appliance Repair Company

Are you looking for a world-class appliance repair service, that offers you affordable rates and outstanding repair services? We have constructed a one call convenient service, where our customers just need to call us and we will do the rest. With our large amount of repair services and our well trained and experienced repairman, we offer our customers the top of the range of customer service and repairs. If you want to know more about how we can help you with one appliance repair at a time, give us a call today and we will do the rest. Call us with the number provided on our website.

“I was about to do my Sunday ritual of doing laundry and cleaning my home when I realized that my washer was no longer working. The door refused to close, after hours on the internet trying to figure out ways I could do it myself. All the signs lead to repair service. I asked one of my friends if she knew any appliance repair service and she recommended Beaumont appliance repair. I gave them a call and the very next day someone came out and fixed it in no time. I was really impressed”- Taylor. P

“We have been living in the same house for years, and we have never had any troubles with our oven for many years, we have always maintained it well. Until the other day, it was heating up way too much and ended up burning all my food. I clearly knew that it was time for it to be repaired or replaced. I call our repairman who is Beaumont appliance repair. They sent someone over immediately and he had a look at our oven and said it wouldn’t take him long to fix it. Not long our oven was up and running at the temperature it should be. Thank you.”-Bethany. T

“I was cleaning up after dinner one evening and packed our dishwasher. After some time I went to check up on it to see how far into the cycle it had gotten and there I was faced with the fact that it was completely dead. Didn’t go back on, the dishes were completely dirty, it was broken. I searched on the net and Beaumont appliance repair was the first company to come up with great reviews. I gave them a call and it was as easy as that. They sent someone over, they told me the damage and they fixed it for me. Thanks, you guys rock” Kylie. S